ABCs 4 Dogs

Toronto-based ABCs 4 Dogs focuses on raising Awareness of canine welfare, changing Behaviour to enhance well-being, and nurturing joyful Connection in human-dog relationships. ABCs 4 Dogs launched in Summer 2020 with online camps for “dog crazy kids” in partnership with Link Coalition Toronto .

Dr. Andrea Breen is an ISCP-certified dog trainer and behaviour practitioner (ISCP.Adv.Canine.Prac) and a graduate of the Aggression in Dogs Master Course. She is an Associate Member of the Professional Dog Trainers of Europe and a supporting member of the International Association of Animal Behaviour Consultants (IAABC), the Association of INTODogs, and the International Companion Animal Network (ICAN). Andrea is continuing her education in Winter 2021 with courses in Animal Centred Education and certification as a Family Paws Parent Educator. She contributes to educating other dog trainers as a team member with the online school, The DoGenius. For more about Andrea’s background and approach to dog training, check out her article in the November issue of the IAABC Journal and her articles on kids and dogs in Today’s Parent.

Andrea’s approach to working with dogs and their humans

Illustration by Frankie, Age 12

As a behaviour practitioner, Andrea focuses on helping people nurture strong relationships with their dogs to enhance well-being–for both dogs and their humans. She takes a gentle, playful, and holistic approach, grounded in an understanding of both canine and human psychology and behavioural science. As a developmental psychologist, teacher, and parent educator, she has a special interest in working with families with children.

Dog training is an unregulated field. It is important for families who are seeking a trainer or behaviour consultant to understand a little about training methods and to look for a professional whose methods are both positive and effective. The BC SPCA has created a helpful guide.

Andrea takes on a very small number of clients and only works with families who are ready to devote time and effort to teaching and learning with their dogs using positive methods. Andrea is committed to providing services that are inclusive and affordable. Prices are based on a sliding scale.

*Unfortunately, Andrea is not able to take on new clients until Spring 2021.