ABCs 4 Dogs

Toronto-based ABCs 4 Dogs focuses on raising Awareness of welfare issues in pet dogs, nurturing positive, species-appropriate Behaviour to enhance canine well-being, and deepening Connection in human-dog relationships.

Dr. Andrea Breen is an ISCP-certified dog trainer and behaviour practitioner (ISCP.Adv.Canine.Prac), a licensed Family Paws Parent Educator, and she has completed specialized training in canine aggression through the Aggression in Dogs Master Course. She is also a developmental psychologist and Associate Professor of Family Relations & Human Development at the University of Guelph, where she co-directs the Families Interacting with Dogs (FIDO) research lab. Andrea is an award-winning educator and is highly regarded for her warm, empathic approach and ability to create inclusive learning environments.

Training and Behaviour Consultations

Andrea takes on a small number of private training clients. Her gentle and holistic approach is grounded in deep understanding of canine psychology, instinctive behaviours, and the challenges pet dogs face as captive animals in a human-centric world. Andrea believes that the purpose of training is to enhance canine well-being and nurture strong human-dog relationships.

Individual packages start at $300. This includes a detailed assessment (focusing on your dog’s health, behaviour and relationships), 2 training sessions with Andrea, email support between sessions, and a written summary with links to additional resources. Special packages are available for families preparing for a new baby, families with toddlers, and new rescues.

More about Andrea and Dogs

Andrea lives in Toronto with her partner, children, and 2 Mexican street dog mixes, Ash and Esme. She has shared her life with dogs since the age of 6 and grew up riding and showing horses. Andrea got interested in dog training when she took her first class with a positive reinforcement trainer in 2002. In 2018, her dog, Ash, developed “reactivity” to other dogs and her efforts to understand and help Ash led Andrea to become a professional dog trainer. You can read more about Andrea’s journey to dog training in this feature article on animal rights and dog training in the November 2020 issue of the IAABC Journal.

Andrea is an Associate Member of the Professional Dog Trainers of Europe and a supporting member of the International Association of Animal Behaviour Consultants (IAABC), the Association of INTODogs, and the International Companion Animal Network (ICAN). She contributes to educating other canine behaviour professionals as a content contributor with The DoGenius. She also loves writing about dogs. Check out her recent articles on kids and dogs in Today’s Parent.

Andrea is always learning more about dogs. Because a great deal of “problem behaviour” in dogs is related to pain, she is currently delving deep into learning about pain and behaviour. Andrea completed the 8-week “From the Hound Up” course through Tilley Farm and is completing the Dynamic Dog professional certification to further develop her skills in recognizing pain.

Get in Touch:

If you would like to inquire about training or behaviour support, please reach out to Andrea by email.