Great online dog training courses for caregivers

Hiring a trainer or behaviourist is ideal when you’re looking for individualized support or struggling with a serious behaviour issue, but there’s also a lot to be learned from online courses. In a sea of options, navigating your way to the right fit can be tricky. Here are 3 of my current favourite schools offeringContinue reading “Great online dog training courses for caregivers”

How much “well” is in welfare?

Since the 1960’s, animal welfare frameworks such as the Five Freedoms approach have been used to make the lives of animals in captivity somewhat safer and more comfortable. Welfare approaches are helpful for understanding where we fall short of giving animals—including our pet dogs—the most basic things needed to cope with their lives. Sadly, weContinue reading “How much “well” is in welfare?”

Some thoughts on sexual violence and children’s relationships with dogs

I want to share some thoughts about sexual violence and children’s relationships with dogs. It’s a long one, so you might want to grab a cuppa. As a critical developmental psychologist, professor, parent educator, and dog behaviour practitioner, I think A LOT about what kids learn through their relationships with dogs. And it has meContinue reading “Some thoughts on sexual violence and children’s relationships with dogs”